Here’s Why Britney’s Secret Project Might Be A Pepsi Commercial Airing During The Super Bowl


  • Billy

    Ugh another iconic pepsi commercial?! YASSSS GIVE IT TO ME BRITNEY! I need this 😭😭😭😭

  • ER

    I can confirm it’s not the Famos surprise (that will come out in Oct 2024) – she’s actually dropping dual singles and accompanying visuals for Rebellion and Rebellion/Radar Remix Ft. Tinashe/Sabi during the Super Bowl on the following stations: KWDTV Milwaukee 9, KQTV Tallahassee 7, and WWTZ Astana Kazakhstan 13.

    Unfortunately, none of these new visuals feature fresh content; but are instead comprised of unreleased footage from the BFB Jimmy Kimmel performance and other misc FFT outtakes (inter-spliced with a total of 3.4 seconds from the original Make Me shoot). She’ll also release a deluxe version featuring 34 minutes of extra features (all from the second Make Me shoot) by December 2020.

    So excited.

  • Chad

    So I manage a restaurant and we serve Pepsi products. The other day I had to call Pepsi for maintenance and I was put on hold. And what music did they play for me to listen to while on said hold. Why none other than both of Britney’s Pepsi songs!! There might be some truth to this!

  • John Lawrence Co

    I love the way secretive she is now. Not making any hype until its officially announce!! In that way, she can avoid any Beyoncé sabotage or negative critics!!


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