Here Are Some Very Important Figures You Need to Know About Britney’s Piece Of Me


  • terry

    New Vegas Show? Heck no! Vegas is done and tired. It’s time to move on and actually revive her career – if that’s still possible – globally. If her management aren’t smart enough to capitalise on the 20th anniversary next year with something global then don’t even bother.

    • Flinkman

      have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Britney is happy with her life where she is and doesn’t feel the need to accrue more success/fans/hits/whatever?

      if she wants to stay in Vegas, she should stay in Vegas. Period.

      • Marc

        While I agree she should do what makes her happy… I think it’s pretty clear she’s not happy there, ‘comfortable’ maybe, but not happy. Especially based on her interviews when talking about it vs. talking about her international POM shows, you can tell her Vegas audiences don’t feed her the energy she needs because they’re mostly random party/drunk people that are visiting Vegas, not specifically for her like at her international shows where people came from all over the nearest countries to see her.

  • Matt Simons

    I wasn’t able to make it out to Vegas during Piece of Me so I hope she does another show.

    BTW, loving this new comment stuff. So Much easier to post a comment!


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