Happy Holidays! Mariah Carey Avoids Breakup Chatter On Ellen: Watch


Mariah Carey had festive moments during her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Waltzing out in a satin red robe, Carey stripped it off to reveal a breasty ensemble before sitting down to chat about things literally no one can relate to: the inconvenience of wearing millions of dollars worth of diamonds, common misconceptions the world may have of you and dealing with the fallout from a public split.

“Now it’s a whole friggin’ thing," Carey said of her breakup. "Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are," she continued, before changing the subject to the on-set decor. "It’s kind of difficult to talk about at this moment, so I’m just gonna compliment you on these decorations once again, because they are fabulous.”

Never change, Mariah:

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