Happy Birthday, Britney! To Celebrate, We Ranked EVERY Song Of Hers

  • terry

    My top 10 would be…

    1: Everytime
    2: Gimme More
    3: Break the Ice
    4: Baby One More Time
    5: I’m a Slave 4 U
    6: Overprotected
    7: Just Luv Me
    8: Unusual You
    9: Toxic
    10: Womanizer

    Way down the list and at the very bottom would be My Baby.

  • Give us the real Britney back

    I agree about the Cinderella song which is a diamond but after her best period (from baby one more time to In the Zone when she used to dance and sing live) there are not that much good songs she have released. 🙁

  • Y’vonne Matthews

    E-mail my heart and 3 would have gotten a way higher number from me. My top ten wouldn’t include any popular singles her record label put out. I’d rather choose fan favorites for my top ten. Also the list is in my opinion commercially biased.

  • Kenneth Julian

    I love you Jordan and never comment on these things but Trouble at 133? WTF? Maybe you have not listened enough. It’s top 10.


    • Scott Moore

      Thank you!! That was my first WTF moment!!!! I LOVE Trouble!!!!

      • Kenneth Julian

        Haha. Just saying.

  • Scott Moore

    Wow. My list would be so different from yours. I love that about Britney!!!! I do agree with #1 though!! “Gimme More” #1 all the way!!!!


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