Halsey Rides Away From Her Past In The “Bad At Love” Video: Watch

Halsey makes a break for it in her new music video for "Bad At Love."

The singer-songwriter gave fans a 15-minutes heads up on Wednesday (August 30) before premiering her self-directed video for "Bad At Love" alongside Sing J Lee.

In the clip, Halsey sports a couple of cuts on her face as she wanders into a convince store in the middle of nowhere. She wanders into a room and encounters a mysterious masked prophet throwing bad news her way, so she flees.

From there, the "Strangers" singer makes friends with some a couple of ladies who appear to have shared a similar past, and they make a run for it – handcuffing a couple of police officers and riding off into the sunset. The overarching themes are freedom and liberation from darker days, because who isn't bad at love?

Watch below:

"Bad At Love" is the latest release off Halsey's No. 1 album, hopeless fountain kingdom.

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