Halsey Is Kanye West Famous


Halsey says it’s hard to go sightseeing because there’s like, 10 thousand fans on the lookout for her.

Halsey is one of the digital age’s babies, birthed in-part thanks to an expanding online fanbase who gawk and comment over her every move, and it’s making life hard you guys.

In a new interview with Billboard, Halsey calls “fame” and “celebrity” her F and C words. “I hate them,” she says. Unfortunately for her, Halsey is a newly famous celebrity, and it’s already haunting her. “I hate feeling like a prisoner,” she says. “I show up somewhere and I can’t explore the city because there’s like 6,000 to 10,000 people on the lookout for me.”

She frequently dials back to reality thanks to the platform that helped make her famous… Twitter, using it to exchange messages with her fans on a consistent basis. “I talk to them like real f—ing human beings, because they are,” she said. “But then there’s also a sense of entitlement, where they feel like they have the right to chastise me like they would a friend. And sometimes you want to be like, ‘Who the f—k are you to say that?’”

This isn’t the first outburst from Halsey that leaves us a little unsettled. Two weeks ago, the Badlands singer snapped at fans waiting outside her BBC1 Radio interview / performance for blowing them off.

Halsey laments her stardom because it’s forced her to be on-point whether she likes it or not. “Most artists, their 60th show was in front of no one,” she said. “My first show was in front of 1,200 people. I’ve never had a chance to f—k up. I need to be good every night. There are conspiracy theorists who think I was crafted in a boardroom,” she said. “Because I’m so very relatable and so very topical and so very Tumblr.”

Miraculously, she relates to Kanye West. “I love Kanye West,” she said. “I think he’s a visionary. He’s one of those people for whom I separate his personality from his artistry. But I also sympathize with him in a weird way, because being a musician is tough. If you were asked to talk about yourself for six hours a day you would probably go crazy, too! Which is why I give Kanye the benefit of the doubt. Being him must be exhausting.”

Whether it’s the harsh reality she’s famous or defending herself from a barrage of Twitter attacks, Halsey has music at the end of the day to save her. “I could be having the worst day of my life, hate my body, think I’m fat, think I suck, and as soon as I hear the first few notes of my intro, that all goes away,” she says. “Everything that I hate about myself goes away when I walk onstage. That’s why I cling to it so much — it keeps me from killing myself.”

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