Gwen Stefani Fantasizes About Creating Her Fifth Solo Album

Gwen Stefani
  • Nico

    “I’m personally not thrilled about the part where she says she doesn’t write until she has to, but she’s got love on the brain right now. She’s not thinking clearly.” > ahahaha!

    From what I’ve heard and read about Gwen, she has a very peculiar and intense relationship with writing: it’s both her strength (she writes THE quirkiest lyrics ever) and her weakest point as well, because she seems to be the kind of singer who cannot utter a word she doesn’t relate to, she has definitely suffered from writer’s block before, and she’s so sensitive and emotional that she cannot pick it up as a professional habit but as a cathartic process instead. So her saying that she doesn’t write until she has to makes sense, and I wouldn’t worry about it either because she has proven that she takes it seriously. Love her!


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