Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” Music Video

Katy Perry gives Katy Kats a peek behind the curtain.

If you didn't quite understand the premise of Perry's recent music video for “Bon Appétit,” let her enlighten you. In the clip, Katy finds herself being prepped and cooked for dinner – she's the entrée – but the pop star clears a thing or two up about the ending in a new behind-the-scenes clip for fans.

“I am being served as a meal… but the concept of the video is: they think they’re going to eat me because they’ve been prepping me this whole time, but the reality is I turn it on them; it’s a trap. I am going to eat them.

AHHHH, all is clear now. Watch above and re-visit the official video below:

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