Get Turnt With Moto Blanco’s Club Remix Of Christina Aguilera’s “Telepathy”


Christina Aguilera and Nile Rodgers' disco tune "Telepathy" gets transformed into a ferocious dancehall ditty.

Aguilera is currently working on her forthcoming pop record, which probably won't drop until 2017, but she's released a handful of standalone tracks in the last year. The latest lands on Netflix's The Get Down series soundtrack, which also features collaborations from Miguel (“Cadillac”), Zayn (“You Can’t Hide”) Janelle Monae (“Hum Along & Dance [Gotta Get Down]”) and Jaden Smith ("Welcome To The Get Down"). The song didn't make a dent on the Hot 100, but regardless it's new Xtina and you will respect it. You will also click the orange play button below because electronic music duo Moto Blanco crafted a sick official remix of the song, (re-workings by Malay, Eric Kupper and Rare Candy Beats are on the way).

The remix doesn't break any barriers, but it's a solid attempt at reimagining a disco-inspired track for the gregarious club environment.


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