Former Girls’ Generation Singer Jessica Releases Solo Video For “Fly”


K-Pop just got a little juicier with the release of former Girls' Generation crooner Jessica's latest music video.

Her debut is titled With Love, J, a six-song EP that topped the real-time charts in Korea, and grabbed the No. 1 spot on iTunes in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau and Vietnam. Now, the 27-year-old is sharing her first solo visual for a song titled "Fly."

“I’ve always thought about you when I was working on it," she said of the fans when asked about her album. "I thought, ‘would they like it?’ I’ve participated in writing and composing the songs this time. I wanted my album to be bright and positive,” she said.

She added, “Everyone goes through something hard in their life. I wanted to deliver a message of hope and encourage you that your dreams can come true.”

Her favorite song off the record is “Fly” featuring Fabolous which she premiered a music video for that takes place in a desert-wonderland oasis.

“When I decided to make a new album, I started from square one and made ‘Fly.’ So I feel attached to the song,” she said. “I drove for three or four hours. It was in the middle of the desert. But it was so beautiful. And the MV turned out nicely,” Jessica added.

Watch below:

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