Footage Of Fergie Rehearsing The National Anthem Has Arrived


  • @brocklovesgreys

    I mean, there were definitely a few moments that could have been better, but overall I didn’t find it as horrifying as most. Why must the anthem always be sung in the exact same genre? I’m a little confused as to why people are so offended. It wasn’t my favorite rendition, but I’m glad to see some creativity.

  • Nico

    This reminds me of the Troye Sivan at SNL “incident”….. None of those performances were as awful as people made them out to be. People simply didn’t like or understand the artists, and that’s OK I guess.
    And about national anthems in general, for some reason that always seems to be a touchy subject. I’m from Argentina and we have many incredible musicians who have made their own renditions of it in different music genres and the public opinion in general have never been favorable… It’s their loss.

    • Isobel R

      Your full time job is to be a singer then please be a good singer. This was terrible not just – not so bad.
      Ive said it for years, Fergie can not sing, she can yell but she does not have a nice tone to her voice. I understand trying to do something different and I really like her response, it seems honest. That does not change the fact this performance is really bad. In truth, its what Fergie really sound like without Auto-Tune or studio editing.


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