Fleur East Runs Around New York In The “Sax And The City” Music Video


Fleur East channels her inner Sarah Jessica Parker in her new music video for “Sax And The City.”

Fleur East is breaking into the mainstream music scene across the pond after releasing a few bops from her 2015 record Love, Sax and Flashbacks. In the latest release, the English singer heads West to New York City for the appropriately-placed “Sax And The City” visual, which features clips of the 29-year-old singing along to her brassy hit on top of sky scrapers, in Central Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Play that sax:

If you’re feeling it, look forward to new material soon. “I’ve actually been recording over the past few months,” Fleur recently told Billboard’s Pop Shop podcast.

“You’re always getting inspired – that’s the thing. You change and evolve and develop as a person, so as soon I got back in the studio I’ve been creating all these new sounds. It’s really exciting.”

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