Fergie’s “L.A. LOVE (la la)” Gets an Amazing Remix (and a Bizarre Performance)

Moto Blanco - made up of the independently amazing (although even better as a duo) pair Miki Moto and Bobby Blanco - have remixed everyone from Adele to JLo as well as being the masterminds behind a stunning but inexplicably slept on remix of Natalia Kills' "Free" (featuring long-time Fergie botherer, will.i.am.) The remix is a sunny, dance-floor romp, complete with a light but bumping electro-beat that gives the polarizing track a new lease of life. It's club ready in a way that the original wasn't and even with a pretty generic backbone it makes the single feel much fresher. Hopefully the rework will go some way towards boosting the track's appeal to those who were put off by the original production.

In an altogether more baffling move, Fergie also found time on Thursday to orchestrate a flashmob at a Clippers game, whom I am reliably informed play basketball (that's the one with the very tall people, right?)

The whole thing, whilst a bit of an odd choice, was very cute, her choreography was predictably on point and as always she looked amazing. The performance does appear to have been lip-synced, but surely when the focus is purely on dance that's forgivable, right? Right. Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing. And when you really think about it, it does make some sense - this could well be a move that opens up "L.A. LOVE" to a whole new audience and gives it the push it needs to gain some traction in the public consciousness.

Whatever the situation, it's good to see Fergie not giving up on this track, especially considering that it's turning into a real grower. Holding on for dear life to the middle of the Billboard Hot 100, if The Duchess stays on her grind and turns out some more promotional tricks like these we may not have seen the end of this geographical anthem just yet...

What are you thinking? Should Fergie keep plugging away at "L.A. Love" or cut her losses and move on? Voice your opinions in Exhale.