Fergie On Her Performance of the National Anthem: I’m A Risk Taker, I Tried My Best


  • Nico

    I liked it!

  • Marc

    I respect her for doing a different take on it, and she did it confidently without looking nervous at all. The national anthem can be really boring, and the most ‘different’ take some artists too is adding unnecessary runs (looking at you Christina). Yes, it was funny and we can all have a chuckle at it. But unfortunately, yes the internet, the media and people in general tend to be cruel just to get likes/views. It’s better just to stay away.

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    Doing a different take usually backfires. It’s best to stick with tradition because a LOT of Americans get offended if you change it in any way. It’s not meant to be a moment for Fergie or any other artist, it’s a tradition at pretty much all sporting events. It’s definitely not one of her best performances but at least she’s owning up to it.


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