Fergie Graces Paper Magazine

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Sit back, relax, and let Fergie do all the work for you.

Watching the VMAs last night, I couldn't help but wonder why Fergie wasn't on stage performing "Milf Money" in between Rihanna's several performances, Britney's "Make Me" collabo with G-Eazy and the mini-Beyonce concert. We've waited long enough, Fergie. What's up?

“If everyone's wondering what the hell's been going on all this time, I'm not sitting drinking mimosas on some balcony," she explains in the new issue of Paper magazine.

She also recalls the weirdness settling into civilian life after the Black Eyed Peas announced a hiatus way back when.

“My husband and I wanted to start a family -- it's crazy going from city to city like that, and to be honest, I was really burnt out," she says of her lengthy break. “It was like peeling back layers from an onion," she says. “It was relearning how to live." She continues, “I'm living with my husband for the first time as a couple, and all of a sudden I'm not living out of travel bags -- that took a while, because it always felt like I was about to leave at any second. I was like, 'No, I can actually have drawers that look like drawers.' It's such a weird thing to explain to people, but it was just my reality."

As for the new record we mentioned, titled Double Dutchess, Fergie explains it was husband Josh Duhamel who encouraged her to jump back into the swing of things. “He said, 'It's who you are, and I want to see you onstage again.'"

See you at next year's VMAs then?

Read the full interview here and peep the new photoshoot up top.

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