Fantasia Finds Freedom From Heartbreak In The “Sleeping With The One I Love” Video


Four imprisoned women conspire against a man who broke their hearts in the "Sleeping With The One I Love" music video.

The Broadway-inspired coip for Fantasia's bluesy love song premiered last night during the BET Awards Red Carpet telecast. Directed by famed photographer Derek Blanks, Fantasia plays four different women in the video, all sharing their contempt and burning passion for a man who tossed them aside, leaving them in an emotional prison for life. The four women attack each other, but eventually come to the realization its not them that needs their freedom revoked... it's him.

"My song talks about all the bad relationships but I'm grateful for going through them," Fantasia told WHUR of the song, adding she's found love again and is happy in a new relationship. "If I didn't, I wouldn't know what the good is. I'm thankful for those relationships because I know how to treat him and cherish what I have now."

The concept behind the tune is about finding yourself and learning to love yourself first. "I decided I was going to be in a relationship with myself and learn how to love myself again," she said, "plus learn how to let go the other relationships. ...You can't go into something good, until you let go of all the bad stuff..."

Watch the video below:

The song, co-written by R. Kelly, is the second cut off her forthcoming album The Definition Of…, set for release on July 29.

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