Fans Of Brazilian Pop Singer Anitta Are Spamming Britney’s Instagram Account Asking For A Collaboration


  • Jordan

    Feat @anitta

  • Bryan Bittecourt

    Feat with Anita!

  • benjiremix

    Feat @anitta!!

  • Nico

    I think this is because of a few reasons:
    1) Brazilian fans are CRRRRRAZY! I mean, we all Latin people are lunatics and I love it, but they just put their money where their mouth is haha, and they sure love Britney!
    2) Anitta is getting bigger and bigger, especially in Brazil since last year.
    3) Just recently (December 18), Anitta released a song and video ( which went off the roof in views in only a few weeks, “Vai Malandra” like no other of hers probably. The video is RAUNCHY!
    4) “Sex” is one of Britney’s middle names basically, so you make the connection.

  • Leo Lane

    I’m stating this as a fact, so be offended if you’d like. Brazilians are like pests when it comes to fandoms. It’s as if they constantly need someone to worship and then start acting like senseless animals over it. I wonder what goes on in that country for them to behave that way. How about we let Britney do what she wants, give her some time to be creative, and not constantly pressure her for these stupid collaborations that consistently fail. Britney’s best music was always been solo. Even make me would have been much better as a solo single.

  • Deni Ferreira
  • Deni Ferreira

    Feat @Anitta


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