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    • Shadow.

      I just wanted to apologise for the messiness that occurred in the Britney live cover thread. I never intended that to happen at all infact I had posted in the thread hours before all that happened and never expected any sort of argument, I downvoted a post and members started attacking me for that. I know I am not an innocent party at all, i've had my fair share of arguments in the past but I felt what was happening was unjustified. That was a thread where fans should've been sharing their excitement over a nice moment, and its unfortunate that certain members felt that was the best place to start some sort of campaign to ban me and other members. I genuinely feel bad about that.
      I know I can be critical about Britney & the career decisions she makes, maybe I phrase it in a way that comes across too harsh but its only because I know she can do better, I don't understand why that translates to bashing Britney. Anyway I just wanted to apologise to anyone who had to read through that crap just to get to the posts they were actually interested in.
      To the members who are clearly pressed over us (I don't need to mention them) well done you just look even more stupid than usual 
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      follow me on Instagram: @poisonparadise96
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    • If U Seek Me

      I have been away for 2 weeks, what did I miss, girls and boys?
      I guess nothing that exciting.
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    • I Always Sing Live

      Daddy Jordan did not let us down! I'll create a shrine dedicated to him in my closet next to my sexuality. 
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    • Vessel.

      I can't believe that Lana is going to Lollapalooza, I'm crying. 
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