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These are the official rules for Exhale - the largest, most interactive Britney Spears forum on the web. By posting as a user, you agree to abide by the rules below. All photos and articles are copyright to their respectful owner and will be removed immediately once contacted. If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to email me at [email protected]. All rights reserved.


One registered username PER PERSON. If you are not satisfied with your username, the ability to change it is available in your control panel. Please stick to a MAX of 12-14 characters!

BreatheHeavy does not require a specific amount of activity from anyone, you will not be banned for inactivity. Feel free to login and post whenever you like.


All text comments posted are owned and copyrighted to BreatheHeavy.com, therefore BreatheHeavy reserves the right to delete / edit any comments that are found inappropriate (ie crude language, pornographic / nude photos, spam etc...). It is encouraged to express your opinions and thoughts, but not at the expense of offending others.

Images, audio, & videos posted are not copyrighted to BreatheHeavy.com unless otherwise stated. Posts may be edited to abide copyright laws (DMCA).

Please do not hotlink other Britney fansites or picture agencies. You may post your own personal pictures, scans, images posted on major news sites, such as Yahoo!, Usmagazine.com, OKmagazine.com etc. However, you may NOT post pictures that come directly from an agency, such as X17agency, WENN, GettyImages, Wireimage etc.


If your signature or \"sig\" exceeds 400 pixels (px) in width, or 275 pixels in height, you MUST reduce it, or it will be deleted without explanation.

\"How do I know if my sig is larger than 400x275px?\" you ask:
- Right click your sig and click \"properties.\"

Or reduce the size in Photoshop by opening up the image > click Image (at the top) > Image size > width: 400 px. (Please make sure the sig is less than or equal to 275px in height as well.)

You may only have MAX one sigs + a line of text shoutouts etc in your signature (displays under each of your posts). Keep text to \"normal\" size. Any Youtube video counts as 1 signature (ie 1 picture sig and 1 youtube video is OK).


Posts: Bumping / Spamming:
"Bumping" a thread simply means commenting in a topic that is relatively old. When you comment a topic, it bumps the entire thread to the top of the forum. Bumping a thread that is more than FOUR weeks old is prohibited as it causes the forum to get messy, outdated and confusing. Any user bumping a thread will have their IP address recorded - second-time offenders will be banned from viewing the forum.

Spamming is also prohibited. If a user posts non-sense, images/words multiple times in one thread, repeats characters (ie zzzzzzxjsdfiwerew) etc, they will be banned.

Nudity or explicit or threatening language is also not allowed and will result in perma-ban on first offense.


Member conduct:
While we allow various mature topics to be discussed, please keep in mind that there are still visitors under age, so please keep posts within reason. There is no censorship for vulgar words, but please refrain as much as you can.

Do not personally attack other members. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. BreatheHeavy does its best to remain a drama free and comfortable atmosphere (sometimes it\'s inevitable), so if you have any personal problems with another member, please contact them via PM.


Rules are subject to change - and will be updated accordingly.