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  2. LEAK : Mark Liddell pictures

    This is what she would look like if she aged naturally! Imagine if she was FITney with her natural look?? Not hating on how great she looks, I just think she would look more like the Britney we know! P.S. How great does she look when she smiles??
  3. Obviously we want Britney to do something fresh, but if you could pick a sound/concept what would you choose? I've been listening to a lot of pop/rnb and that always seems to be what Brit is hoping to go in the direction of (and I think she does well on these songs because she enjoys them. i.e. The Answer, Dong Hang Up, Mood Ring, Perfect Lover). So yesterday I was thinking about it WAY to much and came up with a vibe I like. I think a common theme is that the woman has the upper-hand in the songs, where I feel that typically Brit likes to play second to her lover in her songs. This is obviously a generalization, but I really want a STRONG Britney ala Oops & Britney. Here are my vibe options, which would need to be updated a bit to keep up with the time. Brandy - Do You Know What You Have Brandy - Scared Of Beautiful Aaliyah - Read Between The Lines Aaliyah - Extra Smooth Aaliyah - More Than A Woman Jojo - When Love Hurts Troye Sivan - My My My Camila Cabello - She Loves Control https://youtu.be/nKcKreZJYfI
  4. Is that jada in the background
  5. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    Songs we would play while marrying, fucking and killing?
  6. Be fucking grateful for being a britney stan

    Honestly I don't like her never did, but I prefer to have Xtina's music arounds more than the current "divas"... But this is ridiculous, don't say anything if you're not able to keep up your promises!!
  7. The video is a joke. How opportunistic of him to use important social movements like Me Too, Dreamers and Future is Female to basically end up telling the same old post-apocalyptic love story about a male hero (him) saving some defenseless woman from the end of the world. How pathetic of him to pretend being a feminist and woke and in with the kidz while still pandering to Deep White America with all the country/Man of the Woods sh!t. He's really the worst.
  8. Be fucking grateful for being a britney stan

    She is out of shape, this now is the worst moment to release an album, start an era.
  9. let´s pray this never happen to us
  10. Be fucking grateful for being a britney stan

    no bitch Glory is my fav album from her so i don't think so we got 2 vid short era but still quality music so I have the right to laugh
  11. Outsold National Geographic!!
  12. Katy Perry take notes, that's how you do it. + I love the shadow / wall scene
  13. I like Pretty Girls sometimes. It's a guilty pleasure. Its kinda fun
  14. Be fucking grateful for being a britney stan

    I don't wanna laugh at the long wait for Christinas new album because we laughed at the flopness of Lotus and Bionic and then we got BJ and Glory so next thing you know we could be waiting 80 years for Britneys next album
  15. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    What's going on with all the new merch? Maybe something's coming indeed?
  16. Be fucking grateful for being a britney stan

    omfg the amount of torture she put her fans through
  17. I enjoy it every once in a while
  18. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    I assume they mean “Spencer’s”. Either way, it’s a odd design choice.
  19. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    LOl I kinda like it! It’s $22 though
  20. Britney Spears feat. Will Smith confirmed
  21. am i the only one who likes pretty gerlas?

    i like the instrumental. i hate her robotic voice is annoying.
  22. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    are we talking about the songs themselves or Britney in the videos?
  23. Should 'Circus' Have Led 'Circus'

    No, Womanizer was the biggest hit in that album and the more mainstream song for the general people. circus has a risky sound, i personally love it. but it only succeeded thanks to womanizer.
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