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  2. Unreleased Elvis Outfit HBO Pic

    Omg I’ve been a fan for this long and I’ve never seen that. Bitch looks flawless.
  3. What featured artist(s) would you want on B10

    dillon francis or dj snake
  4. Will Kenzo influence her Tour outfits?

    That red one looks like the one she already wears!
  5. What is Britney's best album? (2008-2016)

    Glory is a good album but womanizer and circus alone are better
  6. What featured artist(s) would you want on B10

    The one that should've happened already. Gaga. and I'd LOVE it if she collabed with BTS
  7. Britney's Best Album (1999-2007)

    In the zone
  8. Drake Azealia Banks rihanna and Nicki Minaj triple collab Sza Charlie Puth MNEK JUSTIN NOZUKA Janet Jackson shanis Twain bono of u2 lenny kravitz Miguel
  9. Omg how could I forget dua lipa . She slays. new rules 2.0 feat britney bitch
  10. Madonna, dua lipa gwen justin b little mix taylor camilla
  11. I've never spoken French Where are all those French exhalers that wanted her to go to France?
  12. Mouth Theory

    Only on Exhale would people discuss someone’s mouth/teeth/lips to the extent like y’all.
  13. More than likely we will get features with every new album.. who would you want her to record with? Name 3. Mine is.. 1.cardi b 2.the weeknd 3.Selena Gomez
  14. Will Kenzo influence her Tour outfits?

    I really don’t know but since she’s the new face of Kenzo and they’re hyping her tour, who knows! Plus if I were Kenzo I’d make sure to have my model wear my designs and look great!
  15. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

    Make me 2.0 with ed sheeran or kendrick plz Liar 2.0 featuring feat Meghan trainer Love me down 2.0 feat camilla cabello Better 2.0 with Shawn Mendes If I'm dancing 2.0 feat kylie minogue Do you wanna come over 2.0 feat cardi b Slumber party 2.0 feat dua lipa
  16. My favorite. Is Elvis... she he need to do it on her world tour... at least one live ...
  17. #KenzoLovesBritney# Promo in France

    She more than likely has new material on the way soon, it was smart to get her out there again, promo before promo. Showing a more professional creative side to her with kenzo. She loves fashion like any other man or woman. Let her do her thing. Guarantee b10 will be great!
  18. Today
  19. Will Kenzo influence her Tour outfits?

    Exactly what I’m thinking. She’s representing their brand so they could at least be throwing endless supply of clothes to her or even make custom pieces, they benefit from the promo and she benefit from not spending anything so she doesn’t have to buy cheap s--t on the internet.
  20. OMG

    Someone said she looked like a roach after being sprayed with raid delete
  21. #KenzoLovesBritney# Promo in France

    I want a Kenzo cola
  22. #KenzoLovesBritney# Promo in France

    Her cheap team could never
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