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  2. how? (face)

    That front right tooth was already shorter by September 2007:
  3. I'm not "hormonal" at least Dr. Phill oh noooooooooo ban me for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it's not sh!t sweetie. Saying the FACTS for Britney and her history that's a KNOWN FACT too = sh!t talk? haha in what world How your birth date is relevant? The point is u were a creep. that was your only concern in everything i wrote btw? hilariously you didn't deny them good job dickhead. go get your d*ck burrito now
  4. All I know is after the shaving, her beautiful hair has never been the same
  5. Bottom??!! 100% straight with a five year old actually , you weird freak.. You are an exhale version of donald trump, someone who dont know when to shut the f**k, you wendy williams loving little bitch.. All i said is i dont think she shaved her head because of drugs now f**k off and go stalk perez hilton you little bitch.. You dont even sound like a Britney fan, most fans have a touch of class..you are the worst member i have ever encountered and i dont know how your still a member.. You aint a fan.
  6. i like her, but all her videos are kinda the same, this looks like Fetish on a different location.
  7. Since the day i was born?? what the actual f**k i was born in 1993 so no idea wdf you on about. Dickhead.
  8. how? (face)

    They were already gone by 2009: It's her front right tooth. Shorter by 2008:
  9. Lilith i would like to publicly announce that you are arguarbly the worst member of exhale... You deserve to be banned for life... Do you even like Britney? Because you constably talk sh!t about her.. Are you this guy.... Cuz as Britney says "you are not a fan!!"
  10. you don't even know if it is "now and again no big deaaalll" though Dr.Phill how is it a grudge honey? im sorry you were so ridiculous and a creeper that stayed in my memory. Your fault not mine go rant again about how close you feel to Britney,your goddess,your friend since the day u got born and shut up "fucking little bitchhh, no c*ck recentlyyyy?" someone else is "hormonal" here i see. you should take care of that honey Im a girl though and i know well what hormones actually DON'T do to women. You are a guy tho, some pressed bottom probably so lemme break it to you because the only clueless one here is you. "hormoneeeesss" don't make women to do drugs,flash their pu$$y in public,party hard,neglect their kids,f**k randoms every night, go shave their heads because they thought they would cheat the drug tests HAHA, driving like a moron running red red red lights with the kids in the car, and losing their children eventually. In what fucking world the fucking HORMONES are a pathetic sorry ass excuse??? Oh nevermind, you think it's a valid excuse. That's sad "hormonalllll" "BRITNEY WAS HORMONAL GUYSSS THAT'S WHY SHE SHAVED HER HEAD!" -ukfan
  11. how? (face)

    I can't even nail down when this might have happened. Her teeth still looked fine around the time she broke up with Kevin in November 2006, but then they slowly started to get shorter some time afterwards.
  12. 2 kids in 2 years at age 25. It dont take a genius.. Do you have a clue about women? Have a little sympathy.. Hornones act in our behaviour.. Wow no wonder exhale is a ghost town nowadays. no respectful fans can put up with immature fans like you
  13. My point was every potential celeb does drugs now and again no big deal.. Wow, what a pressed and clearly grudge holding 'fucking asshole ' you are. you fucking little bitch! No c*ck recently? Get a life.. How can a woman as lovely as Britney get weird fans like you.
  14. "impulsiveeee" and "hormonal" omg the hormones were a threat! Be careful stay away from any woman that's "hormonal" lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. britney did drugs way before that. It wasn't the first time she messed with drugs. She just lost control in 2007 of her drug usage and alcohol. Hence the 2343 rehabs,and court dates/orders for drug tests and them taking the kids away from her. It was drugs and shitty behavior. She got sober and learned her lesson the hard way.
  16. Tony Bennett Hints At New Lady Gaga Collaboration

    I did a quick search. This is from an album where all three are represented and this seems to show promise to be one of these tracks where all three are combined. Because of its repetitive progression, I ALMOST feel like it was a little in an electronic genre too.
  17. Maybe it’s gone, Exhale was unfortunately reset earlier in the year and we lost some gems And it makes perfect sense. She just got divorced, she knew there would be a bitter custody battle, and positive drug tests stay in your hair the longest. People are naive thinking she was just trying to be “edgy” or was “impulsive”
  18. Words can't describe how much I enjoy the video for "Outside". What a memorable video in so many ways! And not to mention I enjoy the song, same goes for "Freeek" I still can't believe he's dead. I know George had a lot of problems and for awhile there I thought the poor man would die in a car accident because he just kept having them.
  19. cackle. ukfan is not going to realize it. the dude has said before "he always felt britney as his closest frienddDDDd,loving her since day 1" some sort of creepy stuff he wrote im a bit lazy to find the thread rn. it was hilarious
  20. let's not act like Britney is the brightest cookie when it comes to such decision/thought process.She shaved her head off because she thought she would cheat the drug tests.She didn't think abt blood,urine tests and any hair of the body that they can use for the test. She wasn't capable to think of that. lmaoooo "hormonal" "adored" "scrutinized" "whaa whaaaa" no honey. What she did she did it herself. Nobody else pushed her. She abused drugs and alcohol. The court took the kids away from her because of drugs and the stupid behavior. "one night of unpredictability" what was unpredictable???? She TOLD the paps which salon she would be at.You think they found her magically? hahaha obvi0uusss evidenceee: "unpredictableeeeeeee" "built up anger and BeeeeeEEeTRAYAAALLL" omg omg Dr.Phill are you in her head too? LMAO what "betrayal" btw? Kevin is an asshole but at least the ONE decent thing he did was to take care of the boys since she was INCAPABLE of doing that. Im glad he kept them, it was a wake up call for Britney to stop acting like an irresponsible brat and grow the f**k up. "you understand why she did ittttt" u understand jack sh!t tho. You are not..... in her head...... that's...... the only 0bvi0us thing in fact....
  21. Positive drug tests stay in your hair a lot longer than blood and urine. It’s the most accurate form of testing for long term drug use. And she admitted she’s dabbled in drugs, let’s be real. Of course she’s not going to admit she uses cocaine, but a lot of people in Hollywood do it unfortunately.
  22. how? (face)

    I'll admit right off the bat that this might be a stupid question. If she had her veneers taken off and she doesn't plan on putting new ones on, why would that happen? Are the veneers making her real teeth hurt? Do they just feel weird and she's not happy about that? It just seems unusual if she's worn them since (when?) and she decides to take them off and leave them off.
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