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  2. Call me crazy but yesterday i was listening to stronger all day long and today they changed the name of the song in her vevo channel... like what does (AC3 Stereo) MEAN? is this the secret project? Discuss.
  3. Im in block d just behind block c and in front of 108. Decent seats tbh. Can’t wait
  4. Praise The BRIT Awards (happening now)

  5. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    I want this hairstyle back. Ot screams primeney and suits her. Currentney would slay with it
  6. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

  7. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    I’ll try and find it
  8. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    My favorite song off Britney jean other than work bitch.
  9. Here in the UK or worldwide in general I actually think at the time of the actual album release any of these would have been top 10 definitely with the right video .. and would compliment her discography Before the goodbye I run away (definitely) Hot as ice Ooh ooh baby Let go (definitely) Everyday Why should I be sad (with good video) Quicksand (definitely) Out from under (definitely) Shattered glass (definitely) Unusual you Blur (definitely) Mannequin (circus tour video) with the "watch me watch me" Amnesia (definitely) Inside out Seal it with a kiss Trouble for me Trip to your heart (definitely) Unbroken (undeniably awesome, fresh and needed to be a finished single) How isn't criminal a smash hit? Brightest morning star (winter release) Hold on tight (even just good for a standalone single) Invitation (would have been top 10 in my opinion as January /February release) Clumsy (summer) Just like me (September/October) plus duet remix with Ed sheeran Love me down (so 2016 summer) Mood ring (properly produced with clean vocals and more bass.. I envision her led on a cloud whilst the sky's light up in awesome colours) God.. she has such a huge list of potential number 1s I could go on..
  10. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    Omg yes but people kept voting for TIG and ISBE, even Body Ache Im still waiting for the third single
  11. 2018 Brit Awards STARTING NOW

    Dua Lipa owning the rules
  12. The creator of "it's Britney, bitch" phrase? Yes, please. Britney will be thrilled
  13. She needs to promote herself more on Spotify and Apple Music and become streaming force! She has an amazing catalogue of hits known by almost everybody... It's her team's responsibility.. It's like they don't even know that from streaming you still get money On the other hand, it's true, that millenials are using streaming more often and Brit's music usually doesnt stick with them.. And her old fans are playing the songs from CDs or bought on iTunes (me personally signed up to Apple Music after her commercial during Glory era, but still listen to Glory songs downloaded from iTunes purchase - I will have to wait for her new album to get it fully in streaming (and buy physical copy as well :P ). What is also the problem with her, that her albums usually leaks earlier and we fans download them and listen for first week 24/7 but nothing of this counts toward streaming sales. For B10 I'm only waiting for official release to get her the streaming numbers
  14. I'm going! I'm sitting in level 4C though because I couldn't afford those seats unfortunately. I paid £70 for my seat (including service charges). I'm going by myself.
  15. CIRCUS Officially Sold 7 Million

    someone needs to update her Wikipedia.
  16. Yes i see this pop up here like every month. This time he updated it tho
  17. Your choreography

    it's hard to get rid of bad habits
  18. Your choreography

    he's lovely
  19. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    I love straight hairney
  20. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    You don't need perms for wavy hair, you just need a straightener. Really, you don't even need that if you're not a celebrity who needs to look picture perfect. Her hair is about as wavy as mine is, which is very little, to the point where it appears straight without the need for one.
  21. CIRCUS Officially Sold 7 Million

    He actually counts compilation albums and others. He just distributes their sales among their parent albums based on the popularity of each song on the compilation. For example Toxic and Baby are responsible for the most part of GH:MP sales, being the more popular than others, so most of the sales are going to ITZ and Baby. At least that's what i got after reading his article
  22. 2018 Brit Awards STARTING NOW

    It's about to begin! UPDATE: STREAM HERE http://www.freeintertv.com/view/id-2119
  23. Why doesn't her hair curl up anymore?

    She looks so amazing in your avi, do you have the original photo by chance?
  24. Interesting Analysis on Britney Popularity and sales

    "Among her early albums, the one impressing the most is In The Zone. Its CSPC total isn’t tht far from the one of Britney, and it is also the highest gainer outside of pure album sales after BOMT. This is one of the reason we can appreciate CSPC so much as it gives back justice to various albums that had their success spread over many formats, making their popularity look lower due to album sales not fully covering it. Upcoming years will increase this trend as In The Zone is her album with the highest strength, thus with streaming and digital sales pushing the bar faster. It will also catch its predecessors thanks to compilations being sold on the back of its songs." V. interesting. Also interesting tht MATM didn't make the top 20 most succesful songs. The only lead single except WB and MM not to.
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