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  2. I almost watched it earlier, but Thumbnaylor so I've given up
  3. I love her more and more thanks to her amazing music tbh. Whether people like it or not, she became a complete trendsetter and other stars are literally following her foot steps (starting from Britney herself which is sad af)
  4. how? (face)

    She is unrecognizable
  5. You literally said everything there was to say!!! This song is amazing.
  6. T-Pain’s Unreleased Britney Spears Songs

    ya'll we should beg him on twitter to leak them, I think he would
  7. Exhale awards?

    I'm HERE for this!!
  8. This makes more sense than she used to be a drug abuser or bearking free from illuminati. and also , he confused the years about Britney talking about bush . Those 2 things happened 4 years seperately. Britney was the most anticipated pop act on those years and Goverments known to do tings like that . btw he also name drops Britney several times and i reccomend you guys to watch the whole video.
  9. Not like she ever did anything from the group other than existing. Its even been proven she didnt sing half of the songs at all many producers claiming her vocal abilities are weak af so other girls covered for her. Not to mention her shitty dancing too. Truth be told she was never a part of the group, just mechanically being there
  10. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    Thanks dude I know I need to stop running away from guys. It's gotten me nowhere in the past. I'm gonna try not to overthink the situation, whatever happens will happen, and I can't run from something that may be the best thing to ever happen to me (I've done it too many times as it is)
  11. how? (face)

    Whoever’s responsible for that should pay. She is just 35 and she used to be the most beautiful woman alive. They destroyed her face. She doesn’t look like Britney anymore. In the meantime Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez look better than ever and they are way older than Britney.
  12. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    This. Also, don’t run away. it’s better to give something a shot and possibly be rejected than to never give it a chance in the first place. I know rejection can suck if it happens, but it’s better than wondering what could’ve been. Rejection is beneficial in a way too, because it shows you’re not compatible and doesn’t waste any more of your time. So hopefully that removed some of your fears and gave you a different perspective. Now don’t worry about that and just try to not to think about things too much (I’ve found this helps a lot in my relationships). Just enjoy talking and spending time together and see where it goes. Good luck bb. I’m here if you need me
  13. Whats your main perfume/cologne?

    I generally buy fragrance/body mists only because I find perfumes too strong for my taste, I'm using these atm, the violet one is my fave :
  14. how? (face)

    Did I not just say she got an eye lift or two? in 2012 and 2013? read the section pls.
  15. They need to leak! We need another Britmas
  16. All the pics from that event are tragic.
  17. It is not, as he just gives individuals who were not around that time an idea how media treated Britney back then after the whole virginity story backlashing during BRITNEY era, the partying and finally the wedding just before the album came out. And the sisqo part was also how the media saw the things, him trying to build a career through the once holyfied Britney Spears, the golden pop princess whereas he has not yet taken off due limited produced videos. All he was trying to say is that media did not want to see her or him succeed, at all and that is why the video did not get the poisitive response it should have gotten back then. The response back then was mostly negative from the media, but that was because of Britney the person, not the quality of the video. Gosh guys think!!?? Would he have made such a great video and concept for her video if he thought of her in the way you guys read into this? Definately not.
  18. Today
  19. It’s obvi a candid caught in somewhere she thought was private. When it comes to candids it’s kinda fucked up but no excuse to do M&G and red carpet looking a mess R that one too. Wasn’t that after when Maddie got stuck under an atv or something?
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