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  2. who thinks that her white dressed ig posts are kinda...

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  3. I can't at people stealing tweets and getting popular
  4. who thinks that her white dressed ig posts are kinda...

    She has power over things such as excessively heavy eye makeup and running a brush through her hair. She can look effortlessly pretty and well groomed when she wants to. She just chooses not to
  5. Queen of Healing Miracles
  6. There you go, 2017's dancing mistery solved

    You started quoting
  7. Standing still is promoting Glory... Britney: Bitch what? *flips*
  8. It wasn't as big of an era as Circus but it still had a #1 album, a #1 single, 2 top 10 singles and good sales overall. The point is that it's not logical to compare Gaga to Britney in 2016 because they didn't debut around the same time (which you did by comparing Glory sales to Joanne's ).
  9. who thinks that her white dressed ig posts are kinda...

    Honestly? I've started to suspect that a truly depressing percentage of Britney's "fanbase" were only (or at least, primarily) fans due to her looks, which they considered absolute perfection, and had projected that "perfection" onto themselves. Now that she has undergone both natural physical changes and surgical alterations, they no longer perceive her as the embodiment of physical perfection, and thus they're furious and/or devastated and simply can't let it go. But they also can't let their addiction to Britney go, despite the music/dancing having always been secondary to their actual obsession.
  10. Which fandom most relates to the b-army?

    Fighters, but they have it a lot worse. But the real awnser is Shakira stans. It's meltdown after meltdown. Neither Brit or Shak give a f**k, both have forgotten how to perform, both are "a mom now", both hate attending awards shows, both have horrible management, neither will leave their cities (Vegas and Barcelona), and neither of them has released a great album since 2006/07.
  11. There you go, 2017's dancing mistery solved

    Doesn't work
  12. who thinks that her white dressed ig posts are kinda...

    She also cares about her perfumes because she's always made to look stellar when it comes to her ads. She always looks better in those than any other professional setting. She didn't 'mess up' her face but she doesn't really take care of it. The right makeup-eyes and all- would obviously improve her image. I don't know how much she cares at this point anymore but she should know how big a role images was/is to her career.
  13. I don't get her She's one of the most flexible pop stars out there and has the potential to incorporate so much of this alongside good choreo to make her shows mesmerizing.
  14. Sorry but FF did nothing big to B’s career. Only Circus maybe bc it was her big come-back album and she had big producers behind it. Still love Britney but her stans should focus on today’s industry and sales than back then. I wish Britney would serve a great era next time, with Vegas gone, it should happen
  15. it underperformed for someone that is 8 years into their career. And if you wanna compare her to Britney, she was still slaying 14 years after her debut without even trying
  16. One sold 1.5 million copies WW and is a country pop album, while the other sold less than 400k WW and is pure pop... sorry but even tho I Love Glory, this was the biggest flop i’ve seen
  17. Which fandom most relates to the b-army?

    A few years ago I would have denied it but I think one more bad era will put us in the same category of Xtina fans
  18. Why can't it be ghost from 2017 screaming "Hey, clumsy " ?
  19. Beyoncé SUCKS

    Bish, first of all, Britney's latest IG video slays thiefoncé's "dancing" and her Singapore Grammy-winning "Happy BDay" performance>>> Now bish, don't make me call child services on cho ass, come on now.
  20. Is it new tweet? Cause ive seen that quote multiple times in my instagram feed long time ago. edit: it was a 9gag post
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