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==========================To Newbies: (FAQ)

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First of all, Welcome!


  • How to put in a signature?
    put picture address in the middle
    <img src=\"http://XXXXX.com\" width=525>

  • Signature size?
    525 x 500 px
    To check that right click image > properties

  • How to put your image on internet?

  • Rules about signatures:
    • max two sigs + text shoutouts
    • Any Youtube video counts as 1 signature
    • No flash

    [*]What is k+ or k-?

    Karma users give to other users, you may give when you have more than 20 posts

    [*]What are bh bux and what are they used for?

    points you can use and purchase stuff from the shop

    [*]How do you earn bh bux?

    • earn 5 bux per post
    • earn 10 bux per thread posted
    • earn 2 bh bux for every k+ you get
    • lose 2 bh bux for every k- you get
    • earn 2% interest each day if you keep you bh bux in the bank

    [*]How to put up an avatar?

    The image must be 100 x 100 pix to work.

    Just past the url of the image directly into the Avatar URL, QuickEdit box found at the bottom of any page

    [*]What is U2U?

    U2U means User to User. It is a simple messaging client that you can use to send messages to fellow members on this board. You can check your U2U inbox by clicking here or going to your profile.

    The board administrator might have disabled this function for certain users.

    NOTE: Please be aware that Super Administrators are able to view your u2u inbox. This is for forum security and not meant to be an invasion of your privacy. As with the internet in general, please use caution when sending sensitive information through the u2u system.

    [*]How to use bb codes?

    http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/faq.php?page=misc#1'> http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/faq.php?page=misc#1

    [*] For more info go here:


Anything else I need to add/change?

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Guest GodneySpears4life


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