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Pretty Boy

If Britney was not around, who would be your fav?

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Well after Britney, this is who's my runner up:

- Godriah Legendrey

- Eminem

- Christina Aguilera (I'm starting to stan btw)

- Sade

- Aaliyah / Selena (R.I.P. to these angels)

- Katy Perry

- Janet

- J. Cole (yes, I stan ha)

- Kendrick

- Successica Legendson

- Pre-Honeymoon Lana 

- Kesha


...and that's about it.

Britney and Godriah are my ultimate two faves tho. MCwave.gif



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13 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

I actually wouldn't stan anyone :ohdear: britney is the one that revived teenpop after years and years of punk and boring boy/girlbands :toocute:i'm sure pop music wouldn't be the same without her and we would still listen to rock :ohreallylol:

I'm sorry but you clearly don't know anything about music if you think that. 

Yes, Britney revived teen pop and pop music in general, but the rest of your statement is incorrect. :cackling:

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Literally no one, and not because she's like holy anymore.  There is just no one like who she was at her prime to me.  That's the only reason I still stay a fan to this momney bish we got today.  (IE - I'm holding on to the past.) :ohreallylol:

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