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WAIT. WHAT? Producer Teases Alleged Beyonce And Rihanna Collab

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It appears Beyonce and Rihanna have a song together.

It appears Beyonce and Rihanna have a song together.

The Internet is about to break. Out of nowhere, a producer has teased what sounds like a Beyonce and Rihanna collaboration.

The song in question sounds like a mid-tempo banger. At the time of posting, fans of both fanbases were having a hard time believing this could actually be real.

We know both Beyonce and Rihanna are working on new music right now, so in theory the timing of a joint-release would make a lot of sense. Plus, Beyonce is readying a highly-anticipated performance at Coachella next month, and a Rihanna feature would certainly feed the wolves ahead of it.


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Unfortunately, I cannot link you to the clip floating around social media in the event that it is the real deal, but a quick search on Twitter or Instagram will definitely pull up something. I gave it a listen, and it did sound like them. Then again, my heart really wants this to exist – it could have been screaming cats and I would have thought, 'REAL. IT'S DEFINITELY REAL.'

There are several other plausible theories here. It is an impersonator(s) copying both of their voices, the audio used are never-before-heard demos mashed up or it's the result of a pretty convincing manipulation of old tracks.

My brain is still trying to process this. Stay tuned...

Are YOU here for a Beyonce x Rihanna collab? Leave a comment below!

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It would truly be legendary if these two recorded a song. 

But considering both of these women have fake demos consistently leak before each album I'm going to call bullshit on this until I hear Rihanna's verse. :4music:

It would be nice to see Beyonce collaborate with a relevant female pop singer btw (Nicki Minaj isn't a singer despite her many efforts.) I think the last female singer she collaborated with was Lady Gaga (unless you count the Dixie Chicks) and that was almost ten years ago. I'm still pissed the Put It In A Love Song Alicia Keys video was scrapped back in 2010 and STILL hasn't been released in it's entirety. 


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