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'Glory' Songwriter Ian Kirkpatrick Comments On Britney's Work Ethic In The Studio: "She F---ing Delivers"

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Everyone knows Britney is a pro pop star, and producer Ian Kirkpatrick can attest to that.

Everyone knows Britney is a pro pop star, and producer Ian Kirkpatrick can attest to that.

Kirkpatrick gave an all-encompassing interview to The Fader in which he opened up about crafting Dua Lipa's "New Rules," Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar," recently working on Katy Perry's Witness followup and his time spent with the pop princess creating a couple of Glory tracks ("If I'm Dancing" and "Hard To Forget Ya").


Britney Spears Is The New Face Of Kenzo Clothing

Ian describes how "If I'm Dancing" came about and Britney's demeanor in the recording studio. His quotes are the equivalent of splashing a chilled bottle of Fantasy In Bloom in your face. That's refreshing, right?

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Here's a copy + paste excerpt from the interview:

What was it like working with Britney Spears?

Oh my god. Even thinking about it makes me crazy. The track for 'If I'm Dancing' was actually made three years before a song was written on it. It just sat on a hard drive forever and then I played it for [co-writers] Simon Wilcox and Chantal Kreviazuk. I did get to go into the studio for Britney to do the vocals and I took an anti-anxiety medication before because I was absolutely freaking the fuck out. It was crazy when she was on the mic, and to hear her voice in the studio and all her little nuances and all the little rasps in her voice, you know? That shit is insane. I tried to use everything. I tried to get her laughing so I could have little samples of that. She was like an artist that just got signed. She was so happy and so fucking cute.

She doesn't go in for long, right?

She comes in. She knows what she wants to do. The thing is, she doesn't have to stay long because she's a pro when it comes to being vocal produced. You'll say, 'Try it like this,' and she'll just do it. There's no ego, she just fucking delivers. She's a real one.

Humble queen is humble.

Thoughts on Kirkpatrick's quotes about Britney? Leave a comment below!

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2 hours ago, Invitation said:

Literally every producer who worked with her has said the same thing.

Even the ones that never worked with her would know Britney knows how to make a pop song because they're the professionals.

When will her fans praised her?

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i will never get tired of all the stories we get like this. it makes me strangely proud to be her fan. shes such a pro, so professional, and awesome to work with even after all of her sucess and all these years in the business. thats such an awesome trait for an artist to have. 

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