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Consider Demi Lovato's "I Believe" video a wrinkle in time.

Consider Demi Lovato's "I Believe" video a wrinkle in time.

The singer teamed up with her Tell Me You Love Me tour mate DJ Khaled for a song titled "I Believe," the lead soundtrack song from Disney's upcoming A Wrinkle In Time movie. They dared to unleash the music video on us today, and it's painfully bad (and y'all know I'm a stan).

In it, Demi stands in the movie's CGI-built fantasy world wearing designer gowns and yelling the horrendous lyrics at us ("Some people stand / Some people move / Tough times don’t last / But tough people do").



I almost accepted this as passable because I know this song/video/film is for the kids, but when DJ Khaled appears in the field next to Demi and he yells: "To succeed you must believe WE THE BEST MUSIC. I believe ANUTHA ONE. A WRINKLE IN TAM," I almost poured my coffee onto my keyboard.


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Sorry Demi, you're better than this. Watch below:


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