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Thoughts on "Just Luv Me"?

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I love it

and I love just like me because of her voice, the lyrics are basic, the concept is cool but the vocals and the guitar in the beginning is awesome.

glory is such a good album. 

it deserved to have 4 videos f**k!

make me doesn't even count because it's s--t 

she's so rich shoulda have made videos paying herself

i effin hate the lack of passion to be an artist 

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If the song were more progressive in terms of tempos it would be amazing. It's too effin monotonous to hear after the 2nd chorus so it turns the song too boring to me. Her voice and the chill vibe is GREAT! but the fact it sounds exactly the same throughout the entire track makes me immediately skip it. The verses are good but as it gets closer to the chorus the energy falls so bad just as most of the Glory tracks. 


*fun fact to me: I thought it was Kylie Minogue when I first listened to it. :ohreallylol:

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On 3/8/2018 at 8:48 AM, Herumbra said:

I like how mature the lyrics are, i mean:

"If you think that I'm saying that because I'm high maintenance
Like I'm trying to mask every problem that I'm facing
Well you're wrong 'cause I don't need nobody when I'm breaking
All I need is your love and a little bit of patience"

i can't believe it's britney's song. Cause its so deep... you know?

Makes me feel good that she heavily contributed to the song. She does have what it takes to make deep meaningful music.

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I Love it :hibebe:

it should be a Single :anxiety:

I don't know why they give up on the album after the second single 



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