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Glitz And Glam! Meghan Trainor's New Album Is Titled 'Treat Myself': See The Cover

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The rumors from early March turned out to be true!


High-key here for this.


Wowwww. The rumors from early March turned out to be true!

Meghan Trainor's new album is indeed titled Treat Myself.

She confirmed the news today via social media, shared the glittery cover art and announced it drops August 31.

The pre-order begins tomorrow (June 20).




Meghan Trainor has some pretty cheeky titles in catalogue, so it makes complete sense that fans are speculating her forthcoming record is titled Treat Myself. It's kind of her thing. 

Where did this title come from? M-Train is doing a lot of press right now to promote her new music, specifically the record's lead single, "No Excuses," and though she hasn't yet confirmed the album title, she did offer a bit of a teaser.

In her interview with The Zach Sang Show, Meghan actually said the name of it, which we're assuming is also a song title, but is leaving it up to the listener to decide what they think it could be. I love a game.


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Fans are piecing together all of the titles they believe will land on Meghan's new LP, which she says could consist of around 12-15 songs. Those include "Evil Twin," "Marry Me," "Treat Myself," "Good Morning," "Call Us Criminals," "No Excuses" and "Can't Dance." The reigning contender is "Treat Myself."



In a separate interview, Meghan explained how her battle with anxiety and panic attacks inspired that song.

“I was uneducated about anxiety and how it could physically rattle you,” she said. “I assumed no one had experienced what I was going through because when I would tell my mom ‘I’m going to the emergency room because I can’t breathe right now’ she would be like ‘no, no, I’ll come rub your head.’ The songs that came after this, I was like, ‘ha ha!’ I did one song called 'Treat Myself' and it was about how, finally, when my therapist looked at me and was like, ‘Look at you! You’re not shaking anymore and you’re not miserable and sad! You’re like, really happy and everything is going great for you — don’t forget to treat yourself and do something for you. Go get a spa day or do something…’

She added, “I bought a car and was like, ‘treat myself!'”

If that's the title, I'm in.


Thoughts on Treat Myself? Leave a comment below!

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Ehhhh, she is SOOOOOOOOOO boring and cringeworthy :rlynow:

But she keeps releasing bops :slowdown: I just don't get it. She should stick to writing music for others. 

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