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Rumor: Christina Aguilera's New Album Drops In May

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4 hours ago, Camilo said:

Bringing Britney into this was so unnecessary, you're alwalys so obsessed to put Britney in a bad place. A delay is not a good thing at all :sneer: this woman has been delaying this album for effin YEARS, her last one was 6 years ago, she obviously knows her fans are mad, because she gives a s--t about them, the excuse before for her not dedicating completely to her career was because of the voice, but she hasn't done anything since she stopped being a judge in that stupid show, other than oreo, which is effin pathetic for someone who was one of the hottest singers in her time. I don't think she's that busy  tho, unlike Britney who released a good album in 2016, performed at the vma's, billboards, apple music festival, those december shows and is about to tour europe, Britney might not care about a lot of things, but at least she still performs for her fans, unlike Chrstina. :hibebe: when was her last tour, oh yeah, 2007 :tiffcackle: Britney will always be above.:toocute:

It really isn’t when everyone else brings up Xtina for no reason. 

They both are a mess. How Am I putting Britney in a bad place when the whole excuse of this forum is she doesn’t care. 

Unlike most of you I know Britney can slay if she tries. Like you guys keep saying she doesn’t care so we need to accept mediocre and Pom for life. 

So yes I think xtina has better shot at a hit single. Am I expecting it...deff not 

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