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Volunteer work

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Lately I've been thinking about it and i think perhaps that it could make me feel better, like i'm helping people or animals or anything really and making some good. :yaknow:

Have any of you guys done any volunteer work? What did you think about it?

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I did do some volunteer work at an animal shelter but it was part of a school project. it was really fun though and really warmed me from the inside out. we walked dogs, cleaned cat cages, helped split firewood logs, etc. :unbothered: you can always do charity as well, clean out your closet of clothes you never wear; donate blankets, toys, newspapers to animal shelters (obviously depends on what they need, I'm sure the respective websites for each shelter provide info on different things they need; what one shelter might be in dire need of, the other might not need).. :ponderney: 

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