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Kelly Clarkson's New Single Is 'Meaning Of Life' Ballad "I Don't Think About You"

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Kelly Clarkson's next release is "I Don't Think About You."

Kelly Clarkson's next release is "I Don't Think About You."

What's better than showing an ex you're happier without them? Not thinking about them at all. That's the concept behind Kelly Clarkson's new single, "I Don't Think About You," the next single off her most-recent album, Meaning Of Life.

"I think it's important that...even if you're having a hard time...to have that light at the end of the tunnel on these songs," she said in a behind-the-scenes clip.

"'I Don't Think About You' is basically saying like 'Just so you know, I was wrecked a bit, and it did deter me maybe for a minute, but I always continued my path and I always continued to do what I loved and you didn't stop me. You didn't break me. You might've come close, but you didn't break me.' I think that that's really important, and I think that that happens a lot."

Clarkson first teased that either "Medicine" or "Heat" would become the next single, but word spread quickly earlier this year that "Think" was getting sent to radio.

Initially, I was not impressed – ah great another slow Kelly Clarkson song... I need my mf Miss Independent bops! – but after careful consideration I'm here for this. "I Don't Think About You" is powerful, but not in the heartbroken, poor me way. It's still an anthem, and might be one of Kelly's most compelling performances yet.

Thoughts on the single choice? Leave a comment below!

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