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Pitbull will support Britney!

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2 hours ago, LisaJane said:

I've never heard any of his stuff (that I'm aware of). He's never really appealed to me but I had to sit through Joe Jonas last time so it can't be any worse than that. 

believe me, it will be worse :brityes:

plus I don't even know what does he do on a Pitbull concert if all of his songs are collaborations. Is it full of backdrops with the featured artists singing their part? Oh, because he's not even a singer, nor a rapper, he's some kind of, something.

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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

Are they co-headlining? 

He seems too big to be opener. Lets be real he has more hit songs than Britney this last decade. 

Maybe he isn’t popular in Europe though 

Wouldn't they announce him when they announced the tour a month ago tho? They already know it's selling well so they don't really need him. 

To me it seems like he just jumped on it to make some easy money. Maybe he can't tour alone so he's opening for Britney

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2 hours ago, Paulino999 said:

 DO you guys  think that after the confirmation  that Pitbull  is supporting Britney on her tour...


a new collab  is coming?  ( and not talking about hey mama ) 


i think that will be great  tbh

Probably not. I’d think Hey Ma was the collab and helped set these contracts in motion - obviously these things take a long time to plan. 

And we all thought it logical that there’d be a Missy Elliott collab after the dance beak was added to POM 2.0, and that never happened. 

It’s Team B - the dots are always random and never connected. 


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