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Oil Pulling

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Hey Exhale! 

So I'm oil pulling currently, and figured I'd spread some knowledge around our dead little general section. Has anyone heard of this? 


I used to do it back in the day, and just started again. I saw great results a few years ago when I started, but ended up stopping for about a year. I'm trying to make it a habit of doing it at least once (twice preferably) a day.

Your mouth feels super clean afterwards, so if you have coconut oil (or any other oil listed in the link) get to swishing! 

Anyone else practice this?

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I need to go to the dentist this year. Or they will all fall off lol.

But I tend to the belief that the procedures at a dentist could use substances that are not always pro-health in the long term. This freaks me out a bit. I think they don't use mercury anymore, but I am iffy about all kinds of fluoride substances as people are not in unison about its "health benefits".

So, ironically I just came with a thought in mind to make my own dental thread. Beware, I might start one soon and compete with your thread, @Chaoscontrol! But I will read the website too.

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