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Avril Lavigne's New Album Is In The Final Mixing Stages: "I'm So F---ing Pumped"

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Avril Lavigne offers an album update.

Avril Lavigne offers an album update.

Avril has been hard at work on her new album for a while now. The "17" singer dealt with some serious health issues over the last couple of years from complications with Lyme disease, so it's understandable she's taking her time recording a followup to 2013's self-titled, but it appears the new music is finally near.

Last month, Avril described the album in a few words: "Personal, dear, intimate, dramatic, raw, powerful, strong and unexpected," she wrote. "This record is a true emotional journey."

Today (Feb. 7), she elaborated the LP is near completion.

"I’m so f---ing pumped," she began. "Waking up so excited. February is a great month. I’ve started mixing my album and all of the pieces are finally coming together. These songs are so close to my heart. Wish me luck while I throw every last drop of me into these final stages."

Avril added: "Time is power. And I needed this time. To live. To write. To go through my ups and downs. And while I am eager to get this done ha I’ve finally learned to enjoy the journey, the ride, the present time."

See the note below:

Come through, Avril! It's been far too long.

Are YOU excited for Avril's new music? Leave a comment below!

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I think she said she would be finishing production by the end of February. So i would expect a lead single in March :kyliecry:

Also i love how Jordan's copy pasting the lyme disease part from his previous AL post :tiffcackle:

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3 hours ago, IUSAtonight said:

Such an underrated album :otears:

I like GL but i would prefer more of a Let go or Under my skin kind of vibe 

I felt like the tried to get back to her roots with GL. I wish she could dig a little deeper and give us the magic from her first two albums 

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