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Katy Perry Is Tired Of Being Katy Perry: “I’m preparing to do a big soul overhaul"

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Bye Katy Perry. Hello, Katheryn Hudson.

Bye Katy Perry. Hello, Katheryn Hudson.

Katy Perry has had a very weird year. Her weirdest ever. The singer debuted a short bleach-blonde do, partook in a bizarre 24/7 Big Brother-style live stream where she broke down in tears during a therapy session and shouldered a general criticism regarding her recent music off 2017's Witness.

Right now, the pop star is on tour and is a judge on American Idol. There's no real downtime for her yet, but when things settle down, one thing's for sure: Katy Perry is going to disappear for a while.

In her new interview with Glamour, the singer was asked what scares her, and that's when she dropped the bomb: change. Her answers are refreshingly candid and self-aware.

"I’m preparing to do a big soul overhaul very soon that I’m nervous about," Katy revealed. "I want to emotionally elevate myself. I don’t want to hold on to childhood trauma anymore. I want to grow into becoming an adult. I’m preparing myself for having a family of my own someday. And that’s the thing: I want to do a little bit more soul surgery before I have a family of my own so that I don’t transfer any of those lingering feelings. I’m about to go heavy into that emotional process, and I’m nervous, but I don’t think I have a choice anymore."

She adds: "This last year has been about killing my ego, which has been really necessary for my career. But for my personal life, it doesn’t work that way. If I want to have that true balance, I have to step into being Katheryn Hudson."

But what does that mean?

"You know, I had a lot of expectations at the end of 2015 and the end of 2016 that weren’t met," she continued. "That was the first time, in a long time, that I didn’t get my way. I think it was the universe’s way of testing me, of saying, “We’re going to see if you really do love yourself.” That was challenging for me, because I didn’t realize how much I relied on the outside validation. I thought that I didn’t, but once you get kicked down the mountain a little bit, you realize that the weather really is better at the top. It’s been really necessary for me to go through that. [And I’ve learned that] people don’t relate to someone who is perfect or always winning anyway. You can’t always be sitting perched on top of the mountain."

A woke Queen! It's fascinating to hear Katy's take on her rise and fall of fame, but I'm not entirely buying her moment of clarity. Katy understands outside validation played a pivotal role as a pop star and wants no part of that anymore, but aren't articles and photoshoots like her latest with Glamour just another interpretation of an ego boost? Move to the mountains... then we'll talk.

Read the full interview here.

Thoughts on Katy performing soul surgery? Leave a comment below!

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Katheryn Hudson Era. 

1.E.T 2.0

2. Sleep Bitch

3. Cologne

4. It’s Hard 

5. Beep Beep Bam

6. Fever

7. Im Gone 

8. Backseat

9. Chillin On You ft Katy Perry

10. Please Cry 

11. Darkest Night Light

12. Hang On To Your Life (career)

13. Now That I Lost You

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18 hours ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

I remember when she said Prism was going to be dark LOL and then she said Witness would be the real her and that is a more dark theme. Fans started making this neyde picture cuz they couldnt wait for dark katy :orangu: 


all of her albums are so cheesy teenagery.

I remember her saying Prism was going to be “dark”.  Then she released Roar? :umsaywhat:

i think she was referring to Dark Horse,  but I still wouldn’t label it as a “dark” song :ipass:

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Witness will remain as her best album ever tho :mhm:

she was really weird last year and people seem to make the best album when they are weird and public understands this when its too late as it happened with Blackout and many more. 

Never liked her but Witness was the best of the year and of hers, too bad shes going away now :crying2: 

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