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Camila Cabello Is Her Authentic Self On New Album: Stream

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On 2018-01-12 at 6:10 PM, Brichney. said:

How did she hurt their feelings? By getting solo offers and they didn't? Is it HER fault? I don't get it. BOTH Justin and Beyoncé had solo collabs while doing group projects. Camila said in this interview that she was trying to make BOTH happen but it was impossible and she had to decide. She decided to go solo, because it spoke to her more than songs about sexing and riding, also because the girls were dismissive and jealous. I watched many of their interviews and she was always excluded even on camera, you can tell they were being like "oh we're friends, she's not part of our friendship" it was so childish of them and awfully clear to see how bullied she was. Anyway, she's doing better than all of them now. I guess she wins.


I said what I said. 

She's doing good, that's about that. So I guess not. But I wish her well, and I'm sure she could do well since she is out there being promoted and her single got a lot of radioplay. I don't find her image as anything special or unique tho, but perhaps that will grow so she can continue what she started with that Havana track. 

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