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No :tiffcackle:

Don't have the habit to listen to her on Spotify, I don't have the habit to use Spotify either

Although - sometimes I use it...

I listened to Shania Twain on Spotify for 3 days in a row and no more. So Shania is my second :tiffcackle:

I listened Azealia Banks mostly just on a 2 day streak, so she is my third....

But my first is Tove Lo



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On ‎05‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 8:27 PM, ATWK said:


I'm a tad surprised at the entire Top 5 being from Glory but I did stan HARD for it in January/February. The real shocker here is Clumsy. :imok:

The top artists are businsess as usual. Didn't expect Beyoncé to be that high or for Kylie to be above Shakira but it's all good. :queenriri:


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I don’t know how to insert a picture :imok:

1. Fetish :imok:

2. Slumber party :kyliecry:

3. Believer 

4. Havana 

5. Woman

6. Shape of you 

7. Make me :kyliecry:

8. Back to you :imok:

9. Carolina (harry styles) :sendinglove:

10. Thunder

11. Break the ice :kyliecry:

12. Piece of me 

13. Heaven on earth 

14. Praying 

15. How I roll 




talent won :kyliecry::sendinglove:

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