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I’ve had a little fun with femme fatale photoshoot

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Just now, Sokka said:

Maybe that was your goal :imok: 

i was trying to harmonize her old beauitful face with well " the " femme fatale shoot. And some of them looked like the pictures where they put her face on a girl tied down on a table or tied down on a chair. idk some of them look weird. But my point was to prove if the photoshoot itself is bad or the face makes a lot of difference. 

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1 hour ago, Brad Adamson said:

I hope one day you’ll realise how fucked up it is that you’ve taken the time of our your day to do this. I mean, it’s fucked up.

Yeah it took 10 minıtes to edit and upload it. Maybe you should keatn how to minimize your time with technology , nobody using old school computer way to make these edits. Which year are you on 2005 ?

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