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Help !

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Hi everybody,

i can't see this video in my country, it's blocked !


Is someone can download it for me and upload it somewhere so i can download it please ?

If you can also give me what is written in the description of the video.


Hope you can help me, thank you.





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18 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Was that the same night she sat outside holding her dog crying outside her gate?  


It is a sad visual in my head too that you reminded of. Even for the reasons of my personal sadness linked to that.

Although, sh!t happened and not so much anymore :) 

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you're not missing much, just the camera pointed at britney while she's walking around her car, carrying her dog and the cop trying to get the camera guys to stay in the sidewalk


but heres the descripton

October 5, 2007 - Britney Spears got a flat tire late on a Friday night in Bel Air, and a helpful paparazzo doesn't think twice about getting his hands dirty, changing the pop star's tire! Britney seems confused about what goes in to changing a flat, asking several police officers if everything looks ok. 

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