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Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney

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9 minutes ago, Margaery said:

You're too bored. 

i need help, send nudes sweetie


5 minutes ago, joe sp said:

sis stop, I can´t handle this :crying11::anxiety:

i know, it hurts :kyliecry:

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13 minutes ago, Delicious Pork Chops said:

Jesus, I know people age, (the pics are almost 10 years old since you know 2009), but her features have changed SO Much. :zoomzoom:

Like she looks like a completely different woman.



Britney's face has been changing ever since 1999. Every era she looks slightly different but better, but this time the change is drastic, bad and confusing. People don't age THAT fast. There are definitely some other factors that contributed to this change in her looks other than aging. 

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It's crazy how her face changed so much to the point she's almost unrecognisable now, i knew she didn't have the 'Britney face' anymore but i didn't notice it was that much until these comparison pictures. The last one is really the exact same expression but it looks like 2 different person. The second one is very shocking too. 

And i thought her lips were the main problem but looking at these, i start to think it's the eyes. I don't know.

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29 minutes ago, Goku said:

i agree, this one it's not that different from the original, soft make up can be a bless for her face :ineedthetruth:

True. I actually prefer her smaller nose as well. I know from the side it looks like Gaga's nose but it looks good from the front.

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7 minutes ago, Body ache said:


49 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

I understand that people age but...

I'm 40, and I swear I look younger than she does at 35.

But maybe I'd feel differently if I saw high resolution photos of myself posted on the internet. :gross:

40? :umomg: are you a man?

i need a daddy :crying1:


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