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-I think that Michael Jackson's Thriller is better than Off The Wall. Most hardcore fans will say that they like 'Off The Wall' better than 'Thriller.'

-I think that some politically incorrect jokes are funny as long as it doesn't go too far.

-I'm sick of Superhero movies right now!


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21 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Imma have to disagree with that. Duff's always been ahead of LiLo. Metamorphosis and Hilary Duff outsold both Speak and Raw WW by over 1 million if not almost 2. I happen to be a casual fan of Duff simply because Dignity was a solid album and easily the best effort by any Disney girl, I wasn't a huge fan of her latest though.

i for sure think "musically" duff is "stronger" than lohan. i just feel like the controversy of linsday being back is what would sell.  duff's newest album had a few good tracks but nothing too standout. plus she gave up on it too early. it obviously didn't sell well but she barely promoted the last single. with proper promotion hilary could easily outsell duff. didn't she only sell like 30k+ in the first week?

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On 12/1/2017 at 10:45 PM, MindExplorer said:

I finally listened to Madonna's Ray of Light and outside of few great songs the album is just boring af and incredibly overrated amongst pop stans. Now I actually agree with Larry when he said Britney Jean was Britney's version of it.

I can't stand Christina's voice. She sings as if something got stuck in her throat.

Most men are sexual harassers.

Game of Thrones is crap when compared to the books.

Ellie Goulding is Katy Perry 2.0 - another pop star with hits whom no one cares about

People who don't consider themselves feminists are either ignorant or unequivocally dumb

Kelly Clarkson & Alicia Keys > Adele (vocally)

Britney > Rihanna > Lana > Katy (vocally)

Beyonce is overrated af (but I still love her :P)

This forum is full of dumb trash that say contrarian sh!t because they think it makes them cool when it just shows how narrow-minded and obtuse they are and this thread contributes to it. 

Lana stans think that she's some niche artist and she's just a pop star. And that's not a jab at her at all, but at her delusional fans. 

you think most men are sexual harassers yet we are the dumb trash on the forum? you just proved how dumb liberal TRASH you are :tiffcackle:
how effin trash you have to be you f.ucking cuntface and telling people to k.ill themselves over a political view? :tiffcackle: with rats like you in existence who needs the enemies :tiffcackle: go seethe in your rathole you pathetic f**k. telling people to k.ill themselves over liking trump? Go throw yourself to the first smelly garbage bin you find and stay there please. it will feel like home I'm sure  :tiffcackle:

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- I dont like Britneys natural voice at all. She sounds so try hard and like a goat. Every note sounds painfull and straigned and just terrible. I prefer her edited and softer voice (Breathe on Me, Slumber Party, Slave 4 You)


Bring on the downvotes

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