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Unpopular opinions

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I made a thread like this a while ago but I decided to make another one. Here's the link if you wanna see it: http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/746495-unpopular-opinions/#

Please don't quote the entire post.

Kiss It Better is very good, but overrated. The second part is the same as the first one and it's kinda repetitive.

No matter how hard the "PURE SALES!1!" stans try, streaming does matter and is the future (and the present). The charts exist to measure public consumption of music. The public uses streaming. And that's why BB counts streaming to their charts. Get used to it.

You don't need the US to be global.

Ariana's Into You is overrated to hell and back.

Beyoncé isn't local.

I don't get the hate for Pitbull. I'm not a big fan of his music but he seems like a genuinly nice guy and a very charitable one as well.

No matter how many times pop stans ask if Rihanna is over, the awnser will still be no. The girl is a force and that's a fact.

Even though I don't like the Kardashians, I really like Kim. I can't explain why, but I do.

Adele isn't half as frontloaded as pop stans claim she is.

Jay needs Beyoncé more than Beyoncé needs Jay.

What are your unpopular opinion? Post them.

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I feel really bad for a lot of celebrities. I know they have fame and more money than I ever will see in my life, but I feel like those things bring a sh!t ton of other issues that I wouldn't ever want to deal with.

I do not like 80% of recent new music. I find most pop stars now adays bland and uninspired. 

I cannot stand Adele's songs after a few listens. I think the girl has some SERIOUS talent, but her songs just become to reptitive and I'd be okay if I never heard 'Rolling in the Deep' again.

Kesha is the most talented mainstream artist I've heard in forever. She's had so many different types of songs/sounds, and her voice is great for all types of music to hip/hop to folk. Truly a real artist that the music scene needs right now. 

As far as Britney opinions:

Circus is such an underrated album on here. I find it to be one of her absolute best, and enjoy every song on it (yes even Mmm Papi and My Baby)

Pretty Girls doesn't deserve the hate, is it song of the year worthy? No, but I truly feel as if most of exhale jumps on the bandwagon of hate because it's what the mass opinion is here.

Alien is one of the best songs of her career. Despite how messy it is with the glitch and the Myahness, I truly consider it a gem amoung her discography.

Hold It Against Me is a bad song, sorry not sorry. I'll also never understand the love for Change Your Mind and If I'm Dancing. If those two songs ended up being singles and flopping, ya'll would start hating on them just like Sumber Party (which I think is a bop and got a great video:lemmetellu:)


This can go on forever, my opinion is usually the unpopular one:forkit:  great thread idea @Pedro Dantas!


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  • Slightly toned stomach > 6-pack;
  • Cutely handsome guys > traditionally handsome guys;
  • Blackout isn't as good or influental as people make it out to be;
  • Oops > Blackout;
  • Toxic is boring;
  • Cathy Dennis' Toxic demo > Britney's Toxic;
  • Watching football or any other sport on TV that you yourself don't play is redundant, stupid and a waste o' time;

I'm sure I could think of more, but for now that's about it! :bang:

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I'd LOVE to see Britney open up about her drug past, the way Demi did in her documentary

Selena Gomez is my least fav pop star; no voice, no star-power

Kelly Clarkson sings better than Adele and Xtina, but her lead singles are way too generic pop (i'm looking at you 'Heartbeat Song')

Miley's last album was quite good! No bangerz, but it had its gems

Bebe Rexha is my favorite pop star to emerge in the last several years, but Dua Lipa is coming for the title. 

Ellie Goulding Delirium is one of the best albums of the decade. 

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Selena Gomez is boring

Justin Bieber is overrated

Janet Jackson last 2 albums deserves more recognition

Madonna's last 2 albums were trash

Sonically cohesive albums >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

2006-2008 best music era

Womanizer is hella overrated

I am not here for Britney's first 2 albums

Beyonce didn't do any good full album since B'Day

Bionic is a good pop album

Mariah didn't release any good music since E=MC2

Joanne is a great album

Rihanna's Anti is one of her finest work

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Selena Gomez is kinda really boring and bland... She's had some good songs but like I can't get into any of her new stuff. I'm really surprised she's a thing. :umsaywhat:
I dont like Beyonce's voice... I also hate that everyone has to preface that she's soooo talented before they say anything negative about her, when they don't do that to any other artist. Sure she has talent... so does Selena, but nobody is prefacing that she's talented, it's just Beyonce is kinda way overrated  and I should be able to say so without licking her ass before or after my opinion. :bang:

Everything on the radio is the same now and I can't tell any artists apart. Bebe Rexha who? Dua Lipa???

Wtf is with that Logic song that plays every two damn minutes on the radio!? WHO CAN RELATE (WOO!!)??? :flawlessbye: I hate it. It needs to stop.
Apart from a few songs I hate Gaga's Born This Way album

Kanye West's raps are trash a lot:  "Pockets on Shrek" "Have you ever asked your bitch for more bitches" Come on...

The Kardashians aren't trash people, they are a family that has made an empire together and that's pretty cool if you think about it. Kim took something bad that happened to her and launched a huge career with it. And that doesn't make her a slut.

Femme Fatale is a trash album. It's beyond dated and Hold It Against Me is cheesy and I agree with @Chaoscontrol that it's an awful song.

I dont understand the demand for a Blackout 2.0 when that's literally what Circus sounds like to me... :triggered:

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Céline is more global than Madonna.

I don't hate Katy Perry and I love a lot of her singles - what she said at the Grammys is still disgusting though. She is (or was) that care-free girl who delivers bops. Nothing too complicated and I kinda like that vibe (not saying I want Britney to follow that route). Despite that, I never see myself listening to a full album of hers.

Love So Soft was a horrible lead single choice. Medicine>>>>> (not sure if this one is unpopular)

That Logic song might have a great message, but, musically, it's trash.

Miley's 2013 VMA performance might be iconic but it was BAD. Very bad. It wasn't like, for example, Britney's VMA 2000 performance, where, if you take away the sexiness, you still get an amazing performance. If you take the controversy of Miley's performance, you get a very cringeworthy show.

I hate producer tags, especially DJ Khaled's.

Madonna's SB was kinda meh. The entrance was a-ma-zing and she slayed Vogue but when she started lipsyncing to the album version (?) of Music with those horrible dance moves it became bad. Then came those horrible guests and the horrible GMAYL and it became an even bigger mess. LAP was good but the whole show just wasn't what you'd expect from a legend like her. She has so many classics and she chooses to pat dust to stuff like Hung Up and La Isla Bonita to give time for 2011 fad LMFAO to perform. Her lipsyncing was too obvious and the whole show (bar Vogue) represents everything wrong with Madonna this decade. I will admit the transitions between the songs were excellent though.

Beyoncé will probably be the first of the late-90s/early-00s musicians to reach legend status.


Hot as Ice is trash.

Blackout's impact is overrated. Still a great album.

In the Zone >>>>> Blackout.

Toxic isn't overrated. There's a reason it's her most-used song by the current generation.

Stronger aged like milk. Lucky and Oops>>>>>>

Glory is extremely overrated. It leaves me feeling completely emotionless.

Womanizer is garbage. Can't believe she got a Grammy nomination for that while Circus (song) was snubbed.

And Then We Kiss and Early Mornin' are some of her most underrated songs.

SMS (Bangerz) is a low-key bop.

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I finally listened to Madonna's Ray of Light and outside of few great songs the album is just boring af and incredibly overrated amongst pop stans. Now I actually agree with Larry when he said Britney Jean was Britney's version of it.

I can't stand Christina's voice. She sings as if something got stuck in her throat.

Most men are sexual harassers.

Game of Thrones is crap when compared to the books.

Ellie Goulding is Katy Perry 2.0 - another pop star with hits whom no one cares about

People who don't consider themselves feminists are either ignorant or unequivocally dumb

Kelly Clarkson & Alicia Keys > Adele (vocally)

Britney > Rihanna > Lana > Katy (vocally)

Beyonce is overrated af (but I still love her :P)

This forum is full of dumb trash that say contrarian sh!t because they think it makes them cool when it just shows how narrow-minded and obtuse they are and this thread contributes to it. 

Lana stans think that she's some niche artist and she's just a pop star. And that's not a jab at her at all, but at her delusional fans. 

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