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Lana Del Rey Wants To Co-Direct The “Cherry” Music Video With Her Sister

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What Lana Del Rey wants, Lana Del Rey gets.

What Lana Del Rey wants, Lana Del Rey gets.

The pop star has been mulling over concepts for her next Lust For Life visual, but she's having a tough time connecting the dots. In a new interview with MTV at the EMAs this past Sunday, Lana says she approached several different directors with her ideas, but she was shot down – so she's taking matters into her own hands.

What provocative concepts were shot down? Imagery and themes dealing with the world's nuclear crisis. Apparently, the directors she conversed with felt we don't need any more of that. I'm not for nuclear war, but rejecting an opportunity to create a unique visual with Lana because of it feels criminal.

"I spoke to a few different directors about ideas I had and nobody liked any of them, so I think I might do it myself, for 'Cherry,'" Lana said. "Maybe with my sister."

Lana's sister, Chuck Grant, is a visual artist who shot the Lust for Life and Honeymoon covers, among other things.

"We were thinking, we should just go back to the old days and do our handheld stuff in a hotel or something."

This is actually good news. We may not be getting the video Lana originally imagined, but instead she'll put forth something co-directed, and there's something really special about that.

Watch the interview below:

Thoughts on the original "Cherry" concept? Let us know in Exhale.

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I’m just so happy we’re finally getting a video for the best song on the album :crying1: I thought she was going to pay it dust (took her long enough!) 

I hope she still gets to do her original concept, just with the help of Chuck, the good sis. Shame on the directors for turning down a legend tbh :NYsassy: and all over “nuclear war”? It’s just a music video , she’s not Trump for crying out loud. :beynah:

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