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Pop Emergency! Britney Spears Teases Secret Project

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2 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

A new documentary would be great. Especially since we didn’t get one for Glory. Unless, this is our Glory doc.

I think it will be a documentary contaning some performances too and not the full pom(kinda like the itz abc ones). That's why she was givining her all during some performances like wb, break the ice, matm and slumber lately, maybe they were recorded.

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43 minutes ago, stev0726 said:

A few weeks ago I posted on here that I noticed several posts where she was using the apple emoji. It's BACK and with a caption of "secret project"


With all of this 'Part of Me' and new residency talk, if it's something like she's taking it to NYC or something, I'll cry.

I'm already paying this too much attention. :ohcrap:

Edit: Oh wait, it's a game? Well that's the better of so many other evils. *I'd even take a doc.

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