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Let's Play The "How Would They Mess It Up" Game

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1 hour ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:


HWTMIU? The mic is literally unplugged and Myah sings live from behind a screen while Britney lip syncs badly :otears:


1 hour ago, Pedro Dantas said:

Happy Birthday (& Remixes): The Live Tour coming to a stadium near you. :groovin:


47 minutes ago, ovoxo said:

Larrys defense? It's was promoted as an "unplugged" show. We gave the fans what they wanted!

Ya'll are killin me:tiffcackle:

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36 minutes ago, Cyclops said:

On her next record there is a special edition for each continent with a diferent cover.

They’re all screenshots of a LQ music video that leaked but was never released because it was too sexy... it truly didn’t work this time 

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