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Let's Play The "How Would They Mess It Up" Game

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Ok, so I was wondering if we could play a game :makesomenoise:


Let's each say one thing we would like Britney to do :groovin: and the next person would guess how Britney (and/or her team) would mess it up and troll us :tiffcackle:


For example:

I've always wanted Britney to release a Spanish album :cinderellaney:


Next person: How would they mess it up? I'ts actually Belinda singing for her and we get a Myah Jean 2.0 :wyd:


Ready? Go :) 

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3 minutes ago, ovoxo said:

She starts a new residency, uses a hologram from 2001 instead of attending. She insists "I always dance live. It pisses me off cause nobody gives me credit"

the sad thing is that could happen


I would love for her to make promo performances again

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23 minutes ago, Dripping For Britney said:

She performs as a guest for Meghan Trainer


I would love for Britney to go on Watch What Happens Live 

She answers controversial questions and addresses the MM music video, rebellion, and the original GM video. 

There is a breaking news broadcast about trump during the airing. They decide to scrap the episode. I just didn't work 

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