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George Kallis

This makes me wanna cry (not ooh..)

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there is

an intro scene (dress)
the first leaked scene (black dominatrix outfit)
tv throwing scene (golden half naked outfit)
cage (red paint)
unseen scene (skin colour outfit seen from the interview on set)

g eazy scene (green outfit)
tractor scene (blue outfit)

also in the first scenes (dessous)


and who knows if there are even more outfits

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18 minutes ago, George Kallis said:


ah yes! this one! thank you! what did we end up concluding she was yelling here? 'i dont like it'? 'asshole' somethign at the end?


I wonder if this had anything to do with the scrapping. 

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This was probably my biggest meltdown ever. I was so upset when I saw the video they released I couldn't EVEN... 

I don't give a flying f*ck if the concept of the MV didn't make sense, it looked like it would slay my entire existence, and most of you guys' existence I'm sure. With all those outfits and looks, the cage, the nude blood sh*t etc. etc. 

Like how dare you (whoever decided it was ok to scrap it)? This could have been the best video she released in YEARS bitch. At least it would have been more mature and sexier than PG, OLL, and other shitty videos she's been releasing over the years. 

And please somebody out there.. leak it already.

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THIS was my biggest meltdown on here. I remember that day so well. Breatheheavy/exhale literally exploded with the meltdowns. They even spilled over into Instagram and exhalers were attacking Brit's dancers on Insta who were defending her/the video.

But we had every right to be angry. We got our hopes up that we would FINALLY have a successful era after she gave that amazing performance (for post-2007ney standards) at the BBMA's and Make Me seemed like such a strong lead single, but then they released that horrible re-shot video and it all went to hell. It was like the final straw; we couldn't take anymore disappointments. I was one of the fans that cancelled my album pre-order and got my f*cking money back after that. The entire Glory era could've been amazing, but, as usual, Britney and her team find a way to f*ck everything up.

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