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What the hell happened to her lipsyncing?

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Like it used to be very unnoticable and she used to be on sync, but lately she has been either very late, mumbling or not even trying :calculating:


I am usually the one defending POM and I like the show, but it's like she did one good vocal performance and now she doesn't need to lipsync anymore :Lshark:

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It actually bothers me in Make Me more than anything.She keeps singing "you're the star that won't go out" but they are playing "sparks" :embarrassney: 

They probably changed the word last minute and she recorded it again or something but it's been a year and nobody told her :outwithit:

Her lipsyncing has always been noticable at some level because unlike other artists she's lipping every little word on songs.They are very well put together and produced pop songs.They have many layers and stuff (i don't know the terms but you all get it) and it's impossible to sing everything.Most artists choose only one layer and lipsync that.Like singing live.


I'll never forget her live singing from POM.It was one of the best few minutes of her career.She was very relaxed like she was 16 again.I hope she'll focus on singing more than dancing in the future.

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38 minutes ago, pablitonizer said:

She doesn't give a single damn about her show so we should do the same :tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle:

what the hell are you talking about? she's improved in the last few months *link to a video where she moves only hands and hair* :tiffcackle:

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