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Who would have thought Justin Bieber was the more mature one of the two Justins?

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In 2007, Timberlake mocked Britney at her lowest when he sang Rehab and Crazy. He also acted like he was above her level when Oprah asked him about Britney. So much for being there for her.

In 2017, Bieber has reached out to Gomez when she got sick, eventhough she was with The Weeknd. He's taking care of her and all.

Wow. Who would have thought? You go Biebs! 

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Justin T acted really immature when the breakup happened, but both were young and she cheated on him, so I guess he reacted like any teen would have reacted... but with the press surrounding him at every single minute.

What he did in 2007 is a whole another story. He was not obligated to be there for her, but mocking her was immature for a grown up man, he showed no class there. Bieber is the same damn thing and WORST, but the difference here is that he still has feelings for Selena cuz he was the one who cheated and then regreted it, that´s why he keeps on coming back and, sadly, Selena is falling for it.

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